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In a nutshell, tuckpointing is the process of replacing the old, damaged mortar of your fireplace or chimney so that moisture and other harmful elements cannot damage the structural integrity. Tuckpointing is an absolutely vital service if you want to preserve your chimney or fireplace for as long as you own your Downers Grove, IL home.

At Soot Yourself Chimney Services Inc., we do professional chimney tuckpointing and fireplace tuckpointing. What sets us apart from other companies that perform chimney and fireplace tuckpointing services? For one thing, ALL of our work is done by off-duty firefighters. Who better to ensure the integrity and safety of your fireplace and chimney than the very people who are paid to fight fires?

Check out some of the many benefits of chimney and fireplace tuckpointing:

• Corrosion Prevention—Over time, and with exposure to the elements, the mortar joints of your chimney can become corroded. Tuckpointing prevents this corrosion.

• Chimney Water Proofing—Tuckpointing effectively waterproofs your chimney.

• Property Value—When the masonry of the various parts of your home is in good condition, the value of your property goes up.

Tuckpointing is simply a good idea if your home has a fireplace and a chimney. It can save you a bundle by preventing the need for a complete teardown and rebuild of your chimney. We also provide damper service and perform chimney scans. We want to make sure that you enjoy your chimney for as long as you own your home.

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